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50 Years of 3HO Music from Around the World

Help us celebrate 50 years of 3HO Music 

with this extraordinary 9 volume 

retrospective album 

NOW AVAILABLE for $108 download!

In celebration of 3HO's 50th anniversary we're releasing a 9 volume album of iconic music from all 5 decades.


For $108 you will receive all nine volumes to download digitally.


Volume 1:


This volume includes several early classic tracks that have become staples through the years, and a few that you might never have heard before!

Volume 4:


Modern classics are represented in this album, encompassing the bliss and grace of the mantras we love.

Volume 7:


The sound of mantra changes and takes on new forms and energy in this album, featuring many powerful tracks.

Volume 2:


With key Tantric tracks and class songs beloved by the 3HO community, these songs stand the test of time.

Volume 5:


As Kundalini Yoga music becomes more widespread, our album time spans get much smaller, as the music continues to expand hearts.

Volume 8:


An eclectic collection of mantra and original songs from around the world.

Volume 3:


As Kundalini Yoga spreads around the world, so too did the mantras!  You'll find many key mantras recorded around the world on this volume.

Volume 6:


Younger artists, older artists, international artists, this album has something for everyone!

Volume 9:


A look into the present era of mantra music, with several up and coming musicians and one that's been making music since the beginning.  

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Photos: Michelle Magdalena Fox & Gurusurya Khalsa