Volume 9


Representing how truly international 3HO has become, this volume has music from Peru, Chile, Haiti, Germany, Iceland, the USA, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Russia.

1.  Bolo Ram - Jagroop Kaur

2.  Sochai Soch Na Hovai - Matthijs

3.  Adi Shakti - Amar Atma Kaur

4.  Sat Nam Salok - Har Dyal

5.  Akaal - Fjóla

6.  Ong Namo - Kiret Nam

7.  Gobinday/I Love You - Livtar Singh with Snatam Kaur

8.  Re Man Trance - Mardana

9. Nirankar - Nam Deva


Bolo Ram - Jagroop Kaur, Peru, 2018


About the artist:


I was born and raised in Peru and I began practicing Kundalini Yoga 15 years ago and became a teacher five years later. In all that time I have never looked back.

For me Kundalini Yoga is a channel for ancestral knowledge, for the lineage. Kundalini Yoga gives us access to a transcendental knowledge, and teaches us to respect life, to see the world in a subtle and energetic way. Through the practice and by working for a common good we can connect through frequency and vibration to the Oneness of all things so that we can fully live this life. My fascination and my work are about how the teachings can be applied to modern times.  

I also trained as a Bioenergetic Therapist and through that work I have seen how a practice that provides discipline, harmony and peace is integral to human health. Some people don’t know how to breathe properly, or to bring their mind under control, many are anxious. I feel that the heart of each human being is an instrument and by becoming aware how emotions and thoughts can influence the frequency and beat of that instrument, we can begin to connect to our divine nature.  For me mantras and music are the most subtle, sublime and moving way to make that connection and open the heart and that’s why I sing.

Sochai Soch Na Hovai - Matthijs, Netherlands, 2018

Thumpnail _ Matthijs _ Middel.jpg

One day I felt the need to recite a Pauri from Jabji Sahib for a periode of time. I looked at the meaning and effects according to Yogi Bhajan and chose the first pauri; "being lifted from depression" seemed like an excellent idea! The very moment I started reading the words a soothing and timeless melody came to me. I am very happy and grateful to have recorded this music together with wonderful people in Berlin. Sat Nam!


About the artist:

Matthijs is a Dutch musician and environmentalist. As an ocean lover he started a movement in the Netherlands called “Doe mee, verlos de zee!” (join me to free the sea!) to inspire and mobilize people to pick up plastic waste washed ashore.

Adi Shakti - Amar Atma Kaur, Russia, 2019

Amar Atma Kaur.jpg

About the artist:


Elena Amar Atma Kaur is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, a member of the Russian Federation of Kundalini Yoga Teachers and IKYTA. She has been practicing for 16 years. She is continuing her professional development at international schools in Los Angeles, New York, Mallorca, India, with the most renowned Kundalini Yoga teachers. She has also completed a gong healing training with Harijiwan Singh.


Sat Nam Salok - Har Dyal, Sweden, 2019

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About the artist:


Devotion, beauty and depth is the music of Har Dyal. Music that relaxes and expands the listener. The dance between the voices of Har Dyal Kaur and Har Dyal Singh creates a beautiful feeling of being together, accompanied by enchanting musical landscapes. 

Har Dyal Kaur and Singh from Sweden met through music and singing where they immediately found a deep connection, and are now a married couple and devoted teachers of Kundaliniyoga. They share their music in yoga classes, early morning sadhana, concerts and kirtans. They love the creative force and to be in the flow of creation weather it is through music, creating retreats and workshops, cooking food or dealing with everyday life.

They are co-owners of Stockholm Kundaliniyogacenter, Teacher Trainers, Sat Nam Rasayan healers, constant students and lovers of the spiritual and mundane worlds.

Akaal - Fjóla, Iceland, 2019


Akaal, meaning undying or deathless, is chanted every day for 17 days from the time the soul leaves its Earthly form. The sound current carries the soul back home to the Cosmic Heart. In loving memory of my cousin Hallgrímur (1. February 1978 - 27. October 2019). May the sound current bring you home and your loving presence ripple throughout time and space forever, as a blessing in the hearts of your loved ones. Akaal, Akaal, Akaal.

About the artist:

Fjóla is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Iceland who delivers the sound current with an angelic, crystalline and soul-moving voice that goes straight to the heart. She weaves her sound to create a deep and heartfelt tapestry of peaceful and loving transformation. The powerfully etheric spiritual vortex of Iceland is felt through her sound.

Ong Namo - Kiret Nam, Haiti, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-12-14 at 11.16.09 PM.pn

Ong Namo is one of the tracks on my album "Amouni". I chose this word to express the vibration of the record because in the languages of my country Haiti, this term contains all the elements to create harmony: Amour (love), Uni (united), moun (people). People united in love. My country as others in this world is calling for that breath to emerge from difficulties to light.

About the artist:

I am Kiret Nam. I was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. I discovered my voice while I was on my spiritual journey around 2014. I knew since then that I was never going to stop singing. I sang for my own healing but soon I extended the healing to other souls, especially in kundalini yoga classes where I teach.

Now the vibration of my voice is heard at places where I travel, in concert for peace but also in kundalini big encounter like winter or summer solstice in USA, where music, particularly mantras, occupies an important place in the expansion of beings.

I currently plan to further extend the depth of the kundalini yoga message, teaching in more popular places especially in Haiti, where the fragility of the popular soul will find an extremely welcome healing space.

They said my music is medicinal, vibrates love, touches hearts. I hope and I wish to transport the light of the places where I has lived, so I can return to humanity all that brilliance and also offer to the world the strength and the light of my own country, in a song for harmony."


Gobinday/I Love You - Livtar Singh with Snatam Kaur, USA, 2019


"On the new album, there is a mantra: Gobinday I Love You. No, I didn't make it up 😇. This is the story of that mantra.


This mantra only was only given one time... ever, that I am aware of. It happened during the first White Tantric Yoga course that Yogi Bhajan taught in the Washington DC area. I think it was 1971, the first year Yogi Ji was made the Mahan Tantric.


We were in a wooden basketball gym at a girls college. The wood gave all our chanting a beautiful, luscious, ringing tone.

This was before the advent of recorded mantras. There were no star musicians with well-rehearsed bands to give musical support. There were no mp3's and Cds wouldn't be invented for another decade. 

It was also before we started recording him regularly. There is no recording of this event outside the Akashic record...and the memory of us who were there.

There was only Yogi Ji and us to create our own music of the soul... the old fashioned way.

Yogi-Ji gave the instruction something like this. "Men will chant Gobinday. Women will sing in answer with 'I love you'. Then the men will say Mukunday, women will answer, 'I love you'. Gobinday Mukunday Udhaaray Aapaaray Haariung Kaariung Nirnaamay Akaamay. Each time women say 'I love you' in between." The women were to gently strike the heart center of their partners in rhythm with the chanting.


That was the only instruction Yogi ji gave. He gave no hint or guidance on how the melody of the singing should go. He told us what to do and we started.

Immediately, with no false start and no time to work it out, the melody came out... fully formed and flowing. It came as if we had all known it and rehearsed it. The women's voices rang through the sky as the wood of the gym vibrated and reflected it back. It resounded as if Angels were in the air just above us singing. We sang together the whole time. No one rushed, it didn't speed up or slow down. It was perfect pitch, perfect rhythm. It was the most enchanting thing I had ever heard before, or since, to this day.

When it ended, Yogi Ji leaned back on his hands, blew air out through his lips, shook his head with a look of wonderment and said "Have you ever heard such a thing?" It even blew his mind! I remember thinking that if it amazed him, it had REALLY been something special. Since it includes English words, this mantra obviously wasn't something ancient. But something that sprung from Yogi Ji's creativity to try to get us moving...get our heart chakras open and functioning... quickly. A mix of the familiar english words, with the infinity inducing power of the Gobinday Mukunday mantra.

The women's voices stood in for our mothers, sisters, wives, or any other feminine/creative energy that might have been blocked in us. The men's voices gave a solid, steady foundation underneath for the women to feel the security of the unchanging ONE. Forgiveness was literally in the air.

It never left me. In all the years since I have longed for it, I have missed it, I have helplessly thought I could never hear it again.

Then my mind actually started working one day and I realized I could hear it, or something close to it, if I recreated it myself. (I know, it seems kind of obvious now. But all things in their time.)

I first did it with Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh a few years ago at an event at the Kripalu Institute. There were about 150 people there. It was heart bursting, elevating, and cathartic for many people. Then we did it again at a Summer Solstice class. Finally, when it became clear that this album was actually going to become a reality, I knew this mantra had to be on it. There were two reasons for this.

I would be able to hear it for myself whenever I wanted to.

I wanted all those who were not able to be there in person to be part of that energy and experience. 

For 47 years I could not get it out of my head. That is a powerful sign that it was not supposed to be forgotten.  So now it's here, out of my head and on the recording. I have carried this baton for decades, to pass on to our generations.  I hope it can help you. It will hit you right in the heart, and that can lead to great things."

About the artists:

I've been playing and performing music ever since my early teens. But I only began writing and creating music after I started practicing Yoga and Meditation. That was 1969 in Orlando, Florida. Through the fog of the '60s, I was miraculously led to my spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan. I discovered there was a way to live in this world yet still serve my higher self. Since then, I have taught and practiced Kundalini Yoga and meditation.

My meditative experiences opened a channel in me that I had never been able to touch. Energized and experiencing astonishing new things, music became a way of transmitting that to others. I have played the Troubadour in L.A. I sang before 120,000 screaming fans at Baton Rouge Pop in 1971. I toured the US with the Khalsa String Band. Seal once backed me on stage. I was in Peace Family Band with Snatam Kaur and Guru Ganesha. But my greatest honor was to write ""Song of the Khalsa"", a song that is sung by Sikhs and seekers all over the world.

I have recorded a fair amount with friends in the recent past. But finally, for the first time in over 35 years, I am releasing an album of my own songs. It is the deeply distilled essence of my experience in the One. I feel it can help you in your life...in ways yet to be discovered. Come and discover with me. It will be my honor.

Re Man Trance - Mardana, Germany, 2019


About the artist:

Mardana is a spiritual music band from Germany. With Mardana, the three artists Sat Karam Kaur (Harmonium, Keyboards, Vocals), Guru Surya Singh (Tabla, Percussions, Vocals) and Gurbasant Singh (Guitars, Vocals) have created a musical project in which they enrobe shabads, spiritual songs and Kundalini Yoga Mantras in a virtuoso musical vestment with great variety.

The special attention of the trio lies in the multifold vocal settings, enhancing the character as a band, and finding unique expression in the choirs of many of their pieces. Mardana has a fantastic groove: capturing beats and invigorating rhythms are their speciality, yet as important as calm pieces and soothing ballads or an etheric chant which invites you to search for infinity…

Nirankar - Nam Deva, Chile, 2019


About the Artist:

Nam Deva was born as the final step in a series of meetings. Encounters that intertwine to bring together its three members. The common element: love for music, Shabad Guru and service.

Charansev, Dass Amrit and Nicolás met at different stages of their lives. Dass Amrit and Nicolás met when she gave Nicolás her first music classes in 2001. Nicolás was 4 years old at the time.

Charansev and Nicolás met when Nicolás and Charansev's mother attended the Kundalini Yoga teacher training together in 2013. Thus, Nicolás and Charansev shared and played music together at yoga festivals and other events.

The circle of meetings closes in 2015 when Dass Amrit returns to Chile after living several years in the Netherlands and participates as a student in Kundalini Yoga classes taught by Charansev.

In 2016, the three members of Nam Deva begin to rehearse and compose music together with texts by Guru Nanak, the first Guru Sikh, to whom they would dedicate their first album. From this encounter an intimate friendship is born. A friendship of those that date from many lives.

They’ve participate in many events as seva programs such as in hospitals and fundraising events making Nam Deva a non-profit organization. Nam Deva´s purpose is to spread the message of consciousness and to inspire throughout the world and beyond.